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Workshop 4 (November 21-22, 2011):

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IGCP 565 Project Workshops

IGCP 565 Workshop 4: Integration of geodetic observations and products in models of the hydrological cycle
Support for water management through hydrological models and data assimilation

November 21-22, 2011
Johannesburg, South Africa

Workshop Program:

The program of the IGCP 565 Project workshop had a duration of one and a half day.

Monday, November 21, 2011

1400 - 1530:Joint AfricaArray and IGCP 565 Session
1400 - 1415:Andrew Crouch (Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Witwatersrand): Wits Global Change and Sustainability Institute
1415 - 1420:Hans-Peter Plag: Introduction to the IGCP 565 Project (welcome note)
1420 - 1450:Norman Miller: Hydrologic measurements and evaluation data gaps in Africa (abstract; presentation, pptx)
1450 - 1520:Piotr Wolski: Hydrology of the Okavango Delta (abstract; presentation, ppt)
1520 - 1540:Chris Hartnady: Hydroseismic lessons from Oklahoma: Cautionary tale for the Karoo (presentation, ppt)
1540 - 1600:Coffee Break
1600 - 1730:GRACE tutorial session
1600 - 1630:Laurent Longuevergne: GRACE: Monitoring River Basins in Africa (abstract; presentation, pdf)
1630 - 1730:Jürgen Kusche: Analysis tools for GRACE time-variable harmonic coefficients (Lecture Notes; presentation, ppt)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

0830 - 1000:Hydrology and Hydrogeodesy
0830 - 0845:Hans-Peter Plag: IGCP 565: The workshop series and recommendations (abstract; presentation, ppt)
0845 - 0915:Norman L. Miller, Charles Brush, Jay Famiglietti, Hans-Peter Plag: Groundwater Monitoring and Management for Sustainability: A pilot test in California with possible applications to the Nile Basin (abstract; presentation, ppt)
0915 - 0940:Hans-Peter Plag: Hydrogeodesy: what is it, how can it help, what are the challenges? (abstract; presentation, ppt)
0940 - 1020:Jürgen Kusche: Standard and non-standard GRACE products for hydrology (abstract; presentation, ppt)
1020 - 1050:Coffee Break
1050 - 1230:Hydrology and Hydrogeodesy (continued)
1050 - 1120:Laurent Longuevergne: New GRACE hydrology products (abstract; presentation, ppt)
1120 - 1150:Ben F. Zaitchik, M. Rodell, R. H. Reichle, B. Li, R. Houborg, J. D. Bolten: Water resources analysis and monitoring with the GRACE Data Assimilation System (abstract; presentation. pptx)
1150 - 1210:Norman L. Miller, Larry L. Dale, Omar Aslam, Meshal Mehta: Assessing Climate Vulnerabilities and Infrastructure of for Small Scale Water Utilities in the Lake Victoria Basin (abstract; presentation, ppt)
1210 - 1230:Jean-Marie Kileshye Onema: Africa Water Net (presentation, pptx)
1230 - 1330:Lunch Break
1330 - 1500:Hydrogeodesy in Africa
1330 - 1350:Chris Hartnady, Andiswa Mlisa, Eric Calais, Richard Wonnacott, Helen Seyler: Gateway Wellfield Project, Hermanus, South Africa: Implementation, system testing, aquifer monitoring and hydrogeodetic observation (abstract; presentation, ppt)
1350 - 1410:Elias Lewi Teklemariam: Modern Geodesy and its role in exploration: A case study from groundwater exploration
1410 - 1430:F.O. Akinluyi, M.O. Olorunfemi and A.A. Omitogun: Integration of Geophysical and Remotely Sensed Data in Regional Groundwater Evaluation in the Basement Complex of Ondo State, Southwestern Nigeria (abstracts; presentation, ppt)
1430 - 1445:Coffee Break
1445 - 1600:Water resource management in Africa
1445 - 1500:Andiswa Mlisa, Chris Hartnady: Space-Geodetic (Earth) Observations in Support of Groundwater Resource Assessment and Drought Management (abstract; presentation, ppt)
1500 - 1515:Norman Miller: The Nile River Basin proposal (presentation, ppt)
1515 - 1530:Imraan Saloojee: GEOSS African Water Cycle Coordination Initiative (AfWCCI) (presentation, ppt)
1530 - 1600:Discussion and Summary: Recommendations for projects addressing river basins.